A subtle and elegant woven ogee design with complimentary stripes, diamonds, plains and rustic sheer.

Limoges Tulle Abete 30
Limoges Aubusson Anthracite Black 506-17
Limoges Montbron Anthracite Black 766-3
Limoges Montbron Anthracite Black Reversed 766-3
Limoges Tulle Argento 34
Limoges Tulle Asfalto 24
Limoges Chamberet Byzantium Beige 526
Limoges Antigny Byzantium Purple 609-14
Limoges Aubusson Byzantium Purple 506-16
Limoges Montbron Byzantium Purple 766-8
Limoges Montbron Byzantium Purple Reversed 766-8
Limoges Antigny Cardinal Red 609-16

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